Corporate Identity

Corporate Identity

What is Corporate Identity?

Corporate identity is all visual / written / audio products that destroy the identity confusion of a commercial establishment, institution, foundation, institution, official or informal working organizations or similar formations and show the power of the formation. In short, it is the visible face of the institution. In particular, it is aimed to use the brands of institutions more effectively and to create integrity. Corporate Identity Study It is prepared by professional teams. Corporate Identity Designs should carry the company's vision and mission, including the font, the colors used, the ability to represent, sustainability. The logo is the guide of this process.

As MORZA, we assimilate companies with years of knowledge and try to bring them the identity they aim for.

What Does Corporate Identity Use For?

A well-prepared corporate identity will increase your image and make you appear stronger. Thanks to your corporate identity, your image will show its effect on your advertising investments without incurring too much cost. To sum up, a good choice of colors, a solid logo and a corporate website suitable for corporate colors will be memorable and will provide excellent support for your marketing activities.

Corporate Identity

Color Selection

an institution; It includes an understanding, a culture, a history, and a goal. When weighing your ideas about the institution, it is necessary to understand the entire content of this institution. The institutionality of the institution, existing or not, is already a color, by finding and revealing that color, you will find the color of the institution. It is absolutely wrong to say that this or that color is beautiful and correct for an institution. However, in the choice of color; It is necessary to pay attention to issues such as the sector, target audience and the message that the institution wants to give psychologically.

Corporate Identity

Contribution to the Company

Of course, the gain of a successful corporate identity for the company is not immediate. This behavior is purely an investment in the future. Whatever message the institution wants to give about itself is given in this way. Corporate identity is the face that the company shows to the people or institutions that it wants to establish a dialogue with. Think of a person; He is in a very elegant suit, well-groomed, and the harmony in his speech is beyond compare. Wouldn't you like to have a dialogue with such a person, chat with him or maybe do business? Do you think there is a difference?

Corporate Identity

Agency's Importance

The two most general factors that an agency should pay attention to in order to understand the competence of an agency on making a corporate identity or to choose one of the agencies it wants to work with are as follows (This is valid for agencies that are thought to have already passed a certain agency competency);
  • A) Regardless of the circumstances, the agency or agencies are informed with the necessary requests. Then, a written feedback is requested from the agency/agencies to check whether this information given by the institution is understood. This written feedback to be received proves the agency's approach to the institution and its competence.
  • B) Another factor is their closeness to the sector and their work and references.


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